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Monday, 25 November 2013

Connections 201 2nd November 2013

This show was dedicated to the music and memory of Lou's very difficult to sum up the work of such a complex and multi faceted artist in a few minutes...Rather to reflect on his influence across the music industry. The connections in this week's show then are generally almost all connected back to him or aspects of his career in some way or another...

The link to this show is...

The music:-
Oh Jim by Lou Reed (RCA Records 1973)

Son Of Nilsson by Harry Nilsson (RCA Records 1972)

The Consul At Sunset by Jack Bruce (Atco Records 1971)

Music is Lethal by Mick Ronson (RCA Records)

New York Telephone Conversation by Lou Reed (RCA Records 1972)

Ship of Fools by John Cale (Island Records (1974)

Empty Bottles by Jennifer Warnes (Reprise Records 1972)

I Found A Reason by The Velvet Underground (Cotillion Records 1972)

Down On The Street by The Stooges (Elektra Records 1970)

Walk On The Wild Side/ Goodnight Ladies by Lou Reed (RCA Records (1972)

Well, that seems to be about it...hope you connected!



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