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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Connections 122 7/4/12 (4/7/12 US)

Hello and welcome to show 122! First things first, you can listen to the show here:-

Connections 122 7th April 2012

Again, I'm playing 'catch up' as there's quite a back log of shows to put on here, so I'm going to add notes later! This show featured Elvis Presley and an old take of a more recent standard! Enjoy!!

 A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley (RCA Records 1968)

 Funky Broadway by Wilson Pickett (Stax Records 1967)

 Fanfare by MFSB (Philadelphia International Records 1975)

Do It Any Way You Wanna by The People's Choice (Philadelphia International Records 1975)

Fly On A Windshield/ Broadway Melody 1974 by Genesis (The Famous Charisma Records 1974)

The Crunch by The RAH Band (RCA Records 1977)
Love Hangover by Diana Ross (Tamla Motown Records 1976)

La Vie En Rose by Grace Jones (Island Records 1977)

Do It 'Til You're Satisfied by B.T. Express (Pye Records 1973)

American Woman by The Guess Who (RCA Records 1970)

The Resurrection Shuffle by Ashton, Gardner and Dyke (Capitol Records 1971)

Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley (RCA Records 1969)

...and that brings us to the end of yet another show. Keep connected!!



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